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How to Become a Better Player With the Agario Game

How to Become a Better Player With the Agario Game

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Modern Gaming |

You’ve heard how Agario is a very simple multiplayer game and that anyone can play it. All you need is to expand your unit or cell by swallowing other cells without being swallowed yourself.

Sounds so simple, right? But being a massive multiplayer game, just expect to find millions of other players playing it in real time. You will be overwhelmed by the fact that other players are way better than you.

This is a normal feeling since you don’t need to worry as most beginners go through this phase. You might even want to use Agario cheats along the way and using these with the Agario hacks will help you to gain an advantage.

Agario hacks

You need an effective strategy to work with your Agario cheats. The latter will be useless since you need to manoeuvre your cell around without being swallowed up by others.

The first trick to this game is hiding behind viruses in order to save your own cell. This is most effective when you are new to the game and your cell is small. Larger blobs can be very aggressive and won’t hesitate to swallow up smaller ones, even if such enemies are not worthy of getting. Smaller blobs will still add to their mass and even add points.

When you find that someone is being aggressive by chasing your blob and you feel it will be hard to escape, you should look for a nearby virus. Hide behind a virus and it will be your best way to survive. Big blobs hate viruses, because once the blob or cell is larger than the virus, the virus has the capability of splitting larger blobs into pieces when they collide with each other. Doing this will keep the larger blobs away from you.

The next Agario tip is to take advantage of the corners and edges. If you think that the area of the game has no limits, it actually has. This limit can be used to your advantage in trapping or cornering your opponent. You can easily absorb a small blob when you corner them in the edge as they have nowhere left to run.

Remember the viruses? While you can use them as a ‘shield’ against larger opponents, you can also use it to your advantage by splitting up your opponents. If you want to take down an opponent and you feel like you are at a disadvantage, feeding it off to a virus can prove useful. All you have to do is shoot it by pressing the key “w” seven times in the virus’s direction when the enemy blob encounters yours.

It is also a good idea for you to split when you are huge and at the same time you are hunting. This is because blobs become slower as they get bigger.

These are just some of the Agario tips you can use when you are still starting out in the game. There are many other Agario tips you can use, for example you can browse around this site when you get more familiar with the gameplay.

You may also consider looking for an online hack generator to help you during the game. Be sure to check the reviews and avoid any that require you to make any sort of download.

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DomiNations cheats and hacks that everyone should know

DomiNations cheats and hacks that everyone should know

Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in Modern Gaming |

Being able to know the different DomiNations hacks and cheats will let you stay ahead of the game and then play so much better during the game. As long as you know the cheat codes that you need to enter, then there will be no problem. Regardless if you are using iPhone or an Android phone in playing the game, it will still work for you.

You also don’t need to download and install any files because you can use this cheat code easily. The only requirement that you need to fulfill is providing the code that corresponds to the cheat that you wanted to have in playing DomiNations. You only have to use the DomiNations hacking tool to gain these codes and what to use them for.

You will be able to obtain codes for varying amounts of crowns, protecting your homeland, shots fired or expanding your economy. Once you know the cheat codes, you can now utilize it in your next game. You don’t need to worry about anything because the process of entering the cheat codes and hacking the game is relatively easy and fast.

It is also legal to use the cheat codes, so you don’t need to worry about getting banned if the publisher found out that you are using one. Even though you will now have this advantage you still need to take care how you use them and what tactics you employ in the game. For those players who wanted to have the best possible resources out there, entering the Dominations cheats code is one of the best ways to do so because it can provide you with the automatic resources as you wish. Not only that it will save both of your time and money, but it is also proven to be safe and effective to use.

Knowing how to use the cheat codes and provided with the codes that you need to enter, you are now ready to enjoy your new resources in simple steps and in no time, you can be assured that you will be one of the top players especially if you know how to utilize your resources and build your defense wisely from your opposing nations and enemies.

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The Awesome Next-gen Gaming

The Awesome Next-gen Gaming

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in Modern Gaming |

image-1-postOver the years as games became increasingly popular and widespread, they evolved and improved. Not only the gaming machines changed but also the virtual reality, that we so much enjoy spending time in, has altered as well.

Games have changed to the point where now we have graphically advanced games where there isn’t much difference between virtual reality and actual reality. But let’s look at the psychological effects that these new, awesome games have on our mind.

Myth Busting.

There was much talk regarding violent games and their effect on us. A case was mentioned where actual violence and gaming were intertwined in a story that led people to believe that if you play violent games, full of blood and gore, you will become more aggressive.

The thing is that if a person has the potential to develop a real mental disorder and do something stupid like physically hurt another human being, it will most likely develop if influenced by events in actual reality.

Games are made to relax, and in some cases maybe add a bit more fun with violence. We have a violent nature, and it’s only natural that this technological invention called virtual reality has some violence in it. To conclude, if a person intends to do harm to another person, they will do it. It doesn’t matter if that person played Grand Theft Auto the whole night before committing the act.

The Advancement of VR.

Apparently, there is a new kid on the block in the gaming world called VR. Games that offer first-person experience in virtual reality have much more to offer than we think. Oculus Rift is the first thing that comes to mind when VR is mentioned.

And now with this technology we can actually experience what it feels like, at least for the eyes, to parachute from a ten thousand feet high building. They are in the first stages of development, but still, it’s pretty awesome and fun to play a VR game. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of gaming or not, when you put that VR visor on you can’t say that you aren’t having fun.

Wide arrange of uses.

Just like there are technological advancements that allow a person that is blind to see some colors, or a deaf one to hear distinctive sounds, VR can enable a handicapped person to do stuff that they otherwise can’t.

This is only one of the possible uses for VR, and it’s a damn good substitute for reality until there is a proper solution that can be applied in actual reality. We hope to see more VR games and next-gen games where the line between reality and virtual reality is pretty much invisible.

With new technology that will most definitely change the world as we know it, there will be without a doubt some new and questionable methods of altering the reality as we perceive it. Until then we can safely enjoy our favorite games and relax.

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The rise in popularity – Modern Gaming

The rise in popularity – Modern Gaming

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Modern Gaming |

Games have been present since the dawn of time. It’s simply in our nature to relax and play any game whether it be a social game in which you require someone other than yourself, or a game you can play solo. Throughout history we’ve always played in the real world, we’ve developed so many games we can’t even count them. All modern sports evolved from some simple games.

We’ve made board games, word games, games which require physical skills, but never have we played any game in a ”universe” other than our own, until we’ve discovered modern technology.

The technology didn’t progress for the sole purpose of gaming, but it’s a very cool byproduct of our society. As one aspect evolves, all aspects evolve. Everything is connected and so is our need for entertainment.

used-as-the-image-oneIn the beginning, we played simple games; the PC’s weren’t too strong, the consoles were even less powerful. We played low resolution, smaller games with much less room for improvisation, but it all changed with the fast technological discoveries.

Today’s computers are amazing, and they offer a lot of possibilities. The graphics in some games are close to real world. Sometimes when you take a screenshot of a game and take a picture in real life, you almost can’t see the difference.

With the technological improvement, we can create huge, complex games, and it’s no wonder that they are become increasingly popular every day.

The newer games require a lot of thinking and coordination from players. Team games require cooperation and careful planning. They have become so complex that we can actually clearly see the difference between competing players and put them in their skill brackets so that they can compete with people of their own skill level.

This competitive aspect brought the gaming world to a whole new level.

Because of it, there are so many popular games that are played by millions of people. The Companies that made those games hold tournaments, social events, gaming events and they are visited by hundreds of millions of people.

If you take League of Legends, for instance, their major tournament is attended by so many people that you could easily mistake it for a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The reason why modern gaming is becoming so popular may also be because people, in general, are becoming smarter with each new generation. We are continuously searching for smarter entertainment, especially if we, ourselves, can take part in it.

The best thing about that is that it goes both ways. We are playing games which entertain us, make us think, keep us occupied, and in return, we come out smarter because of it. The constant stimulation of the brain makes us smarter; it makes us think more, it makes us react faster and make right decisions in just a few seconds.

The reason why games are becoming increasingly popular is that once you try them, you can never go back to the boring, old ways.

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The awesome Modern Games we play today

The awesome Modern Games we play today

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Modern Gaming |

If you’ve ever wondered why all of your friends are talking about games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and so on keep on reading, and you will find out.

The gaming community is rising in popularity faster than ever. We’ve come to a point where gaming events can rival sports events, and soon enough they will most likely prevail.

The reason why this is happening is that games are becoming increasingly good. Year after year developers are contributing so much to the gaming world and it won’t stop anytime soon. Why this is happening is simple – Technology is getting better.

As long as technology keeps on progressing, so will the games. Games are not bound by the real world. We’ve explored almost all there is when it comes to the real world. We cannot improve much that is happening in today’s world simply because we are restricted by its physical boundaries, but same cannot be said for the gaming world.

photo oneAs long as computers keep improving, so will the games, and at this point, possibilities seem endless.

Virtual reality is within our grasp. We’ve already mastered its concept; all we have to do is improve it.

In some twenty years, you will be able to be a god in your own virtual universe. Imagine that. But let’s stick to the present.

The reason why most of your friends talk about the games mentioned above is that the events held in their names are a thing to behold.

The communities of DOTA2 and League of Legends are so advanced that they have hundreds of millions of players. The major tournaments made by their respective companies are attended by hundreds of thousands of people and watched by millions. The prize pool for DOTA2 exceeds twenty million dollars.

Young people want to make careers by playing video games. It’s becoming more and more like a sport. It won’t be a huge surprise if one of the main games becomes a discipline in the Olympics.

Starcraft, for example, is so revered by the Koreans, they call it their national sport.

There are jokes regarding this game that if you want to marry a Korean girl you have to beat her father in Starcraft.

Games are not what they used to be. If you want to become the best in a single game, you would have to put so much effort in it that it would replace your full-time job. They are cooperative, complex, fun and most of all ever-changing.

Some players who were at the peak of their carriers some five years ago can’t even compare to today’s champions. The games are changing fast, and if you’re not changing with it and practicing every day, you will fall off quickly.

They demand commitment, and it’s a thing worthy of respect.

So next time you see a gamer who won some major tournament don’t think to yourself ” what a nerd ” think about all the hard work they had to put in and how much sacrifice they had to make in order to be where they are.

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Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Modern Gaming, Video Games |

Video games are a widespread phenomenon, and people all over the world are participating in this global trend. Almost anywhere you go, a gaming console will be somewhere in the vicinity, and not to mention the mobility and accessibility of mobile phones and other similar devices.

Humans have always looked for ways to entertain themselves, and all sorts of games have been invented over the years, but electronic devices and modern technologies have helped games become a profession, a way of life even, and not just something that we use “to kill some time”.

cebit-gamingIt is not so easy to determine the scope and the spread of today’s gaming as a phenomenon but is evident that this activity is being practiced on a global scale.

Many multinational competitions are being held in different parts of the world, and gamers from all sides come to take part in these tournaments.

The prizes and the fame that comes with the win on one of these events are astonishing, and people who are not familiar with the gaming culture may be surprised with the level of attention that these competitions have.

Millions of fans are glued to their screens while these tournaments last, and the countries from the Far East, such as South Korea, Japan, China, etc. are the ones who have the largest audience and the most competitors at these events.

Pac-manOf course, gaming does not have to be done in a “professional” manner, and millions of people who are playing “Angry Birds” or “Clash of Clans” on their smartphones are a part of the gaming world.

Video games come in all shapes and sizes, and the creativity of designers and developers is still astonishing.

They simply cannot stop the production of interesting and exciting titles, and every once and a while arrives a title that blows everyone’s minds away. Then, global hype lifts that game in the stratosphere, and after some time – the game becomes a part of the legendary sky of amazing video games.

From “Spacewar!”, which is considered to be the first video game ever, over “Space Invaders”, “Mario Bros”, “Pacman”, “Tetris”, to more modern and elaborate titles such as “Quake”, “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft”, “League of Legends”, FIFA, PES, and so on, video games have marked every single generation and it remains to be seen what will be the next big hit. It seems as the Pokemons are making a comeback, and their innovative gameplay and interactive nature are attracting more and more players.

wpid-Photo-Aug-28-2013-1105-AM-620x330The future of gaming lies in mobile devices, no doubt about that, and this means that more and more people will have access to all sorts of games.

Their ideas and preferences will be the only criteria that will determine if the game is good for them or not, and the vast amount of options will make everyone satisfied and happy.

Games are evolving along with the human race, and the developments in technology are bringing changes in many areas of life, gaming included.


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